SinaCell History

تاریخچه شرکت سینا سل


Progress of increasing research in stem cell & tissue production technology as well as changes of treatment process towards personalized medicine, made some researchers in stem cell & tissue production field to think up regarding production of stem cell & tissue for therapeutic & research uses in sterile and suitable environment as the first time in Iran and providing associated commercialization trends. For this purpose, SinaCell as a research and manufacturer company has been established in 1386, began its carrier with universities approved research projects in the field of stem cell treatment. Afterward, company signed technology procurement contract with Germany in the field of tissue production to treat damaged cartilage of the knee, in addition to signing a contract with Austria for training staff to produce cartilage, subsequently, cartilage production technology has been implemented in company.

SinaCell is the first company who achieved Ministry of Health GMP (Good Manufacturing Product) confirmation to produce stem cell, cartilage, amniotic membrane, fat cells and Platelet-rich plasma.

One of the SinaCell priorities is to meet the demand of patients in need of stem cells to cure them. It can be applicable upon permission of Ministry of Health. However, the company continues its cooperation with universities and scientific centers to carry out research projects in the field of stem cells and tissue.